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News Flash:   Safety Letter

In April 2022, the chairs of the PV Geological Safety, Wildfire Preparedness, Emergency Preparedness Committees (Chet Wrucke, Michael Tomars, Dale Pfau) were so alarmed by the poor methodology and timing of the Town's update of the Safety Element that they wrote a joint letter to Town Council expressing these concerns.   

Please read the letter on the Town's website here

Hughes and the Town Council publicly refused to take action or to have any discussion on this letter, completely ignoring all three heads of our safety committees.  

See Hughes in action in this short video summary:

If Hughes refuses to discuss the serious concerns of the Town’s committee chairpersons, what chance do you have that he will listen to you?  

To find out more about why these chairmen of our safety committees are concerned, we highly recommend these two videos created by town resident Bob Turcott, one of which discusses our non-existent evacuation plan, and the other how Craig Hughes and Town Council misrepresent our fire hazard.

Portola Valley Has No Evacuation Plan

Portola Valley Ignores Its Fire Hazard

Committed to safety:

Hasko, Pfau, Hufty

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