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About Our Endorsements

We support a town council that will:

  • Prioritize community safety over development

  • Represent the citizens of Portola Valley, first and foremost

  • Reaffirm and nurture Portola Valley’s unique system of small-government and community service by resident volunteers— residents—and not just those whose policy views have been pre-vetted by The Mayor

  • Honor and protect Portola Valley’s rural character now, and in the future


Judith Hasko


Dale Pfau

This year, Judith Hasko, Dale Pfau, and Mary Hufty have generously offered themselves as candidates to serve on our Town Council.  These candidates are accomplished professionals who have each given years of volunteer service to our community. We believe the entire community will be well served having them represent us on Town Council, and encourage you to review their campaign websites.

They have expressed their commitment to:

  • The General Plan:  As Judith Hasko puts it on her campaign website, our General Plan is “an extraordinary document”, an “expression of our community's common values [which] serves as a compass for navigating the current challenges facing Portola Valley”.  Portola Valley’s General Plan is the blueprint for conservation and preservation that has protected the environment and the community from sprawl and development for nearly 60 years. Were it not for the General Plan, Portola Valley would long ago have become indistinguishable from the rest of The Peninsula.  For the sake of our beloved town and for future generations this document must be revered and protected, as these candidates have pledged to do.

  • Safety:  As is unequivocally stated in the State Constitution (ar XIII §35), the first responsibility of government is public safety.  Long ago residents of Portola Valley (residents—not paid outside consultants) pioneered the guidelines and standards for building in seismically unsafe-environments. The San Andreas Fault has not gone away, but climate has changed, structures have been added, and vegetation has grown, and these candidates accept the findings of fire ecologists that our greatest, most existential threat is wildfire.  And yet, as strange as it may sound, the current Town Council ranks our wildfire risk as less than half that of landslides (see 2021 Multijurisdictional Local Hazard Mitigation Plan).  We have concluded that Judith, Dale and Mary will put public safety before any other concern, will fulfill the State requirement to designate the high- and very-high-fire-hazard-severity zones in town, and will work with residents to at long last develop an evacuation plan that accounts for everyone--including school children and home-bound seniors--when wildfire strikes.

  • Housing:  We need a solution to how we address the housing crisis and the State imposed mandates to build new housing, not the one-size-fits-all bulldoze-it-down and pack-‘em-in solution that Sacramento encourages and current Town Council members have embraced.  The candidates we support have each expressed their belief that we can find a solution which respects and preserves our rural character, our community spirit, and protects our sensitive habitats and ecosystems.

  • Resident Committees:  Portola Valley is unique in the way that it has historically utilized resident volunteers serving on committees to study and advise Town Council on issues of concern. This system has worked because of the incredible wealth of expertise possessed by residents, their sense of responsibility and their desire to give back. The system has kept our government small, lean, and responsive to residents needs. But over the last few years, under the current Town Council, the committees have been constrained by Town Council and their staff as to what questions may be asked, what options considered, what evidence reviewed, who gets access to Town Consultants, and in some cases what answers the committees may give in answer to the questions being asked. Our Town Government has become "professionalized" as though we were were a large city such as Palo Alto, yet our population has remained nearly constant. Judith, Dale, and Mary served our community for many years on Town Committees, they understand and appreciate our unique system of government, and have vowed to work toward reinvigorating our committees and the crucial role they play in our small-town democracy.

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